The town in which Vic and Sade live is unnamed but is actually a vaguely fictionalized Bloomington, Illinois.

In town
The Bright Kentucky Hotel (which was shabby), the Butler House Hotel (which was expensive), the Ten Cent Store, the Greek's Confectionary, Croucher's Grocery Store, Yamilton's Department Store (the place with washrag sales), the Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea Shoppy (which had only three tables), the Royal Throne Twenty-five-cent Barbershop, the People's Bank Building, the Unity Building (where Lodge meetings were held), the courthouse, the Bijou Moving Picture Theater (usually featuring films staring Gloria Golden and Four-fisted Frank Fuddleman), Tatman's vacant lot (where Rush/Russell played baseball; at one time it was called Seymour's vacant lot), Kleeberger's Haberdashery (who Vic perpetually owed two dollars), and Miller Park (which featured a zoo and a lake).

Out of town
Sweet Esther Wisconsin (where they had a parade every day), Grovelman South Carolina (described as the geographical center of the United States), East Brain Oregon, Yella Jump North Dakota, Sick River Junction Missouri (where the Missouri State Home for the Tall was located), Fiendish Indiana, and Dismal Seepage Ohio. Many real towns were mentioned all the time, including Peoria, Dwight, Freeport, Chicago, Toledo, etc.