First Lines

  • Use this page to find proper episode dates and titles for your own files by matching the first spoken lines of dialogue.
  • First lines are spoken by characters 'after' the announcer's introduction (ie, well sir...)

  1. Date: 37-05-28
    Title: Decoration Day Parade
    First Line: VIC: [off] Ya home, Sade? SADE: [calls] Yeah. RUSH: He knows I'm home.
  2. Date: 37-06-04
    Title: Sade's Trip to Dwight
    First Line: SADE: [off] Vic? VIC: [calls] Yes? SADE: [off] I was over at Donahues'.
  3. Date: 37-11-28
    Title: Congress and The Supreme Court
    First Line: VIC: Your sweet face is painted with a happy leer. I apprehend you think you've won...
  4. Date: 38-03-03
    Title: Official Host
    First Line: RUSH: 'Bout through there, Gov? VIC: I am through with the actual labor.
  5. Date: 38-11-30
    Title: Vic's New Hat
    First Line: SADE: Wanta meet me downtown tomorrow afternoon? RUSH: What for?
  6. Date: 39-01-02
    Title: Lodge Regalia Out on Loan
    First Line: VIC: [off] Hey! RUSH: In here, Gov. VIC: [off] Your mother home? RUSH: She's asleep.
  7. Date: 39-01-16
    Title: Flower Garden Arranger
    First Line: SADE: Hey, I'm liable to go in business an' make a million dollars. VIC: You rave, woman.
  8. Date: 39-03-08
    Title: Mr. Erickson's House Repairs
    First Line: RUSH: I was the only one in the class that got the correct answer. What I done was...
  9. Date: 39-04-03
    Title: Speaking Acquaintances
    First Line: VIC: You're most industrious this evening, Smoke Screen. RUSH: Yeah.
  10. Date: 39-04-25
    Title: Rotten Davis Telephones
    First Line: SADE: Hey, you better get up from there. VIC: [sleeping] Horse thief.
  11. Date: 39-04-26
    Title: Sade's New Luggage
    First Line: RUSH: It come about as close to bein' a fight as anything I ever seen in my life.
  12. Date: 39-05-11
    Title: The Davises Are Asleep Upstairs
    First Line: VIC: Know what time it is? RUSH: Gettin' on for twelve.
  13. Date: 39-06-01
    Title: Grandpa Snyder's Christmas Cards
    First Line: RUSH: I had three put outs in a row to my credit in the fourth inning...
  14. Date: 39-06-05
    Title: Y.Y. Flirch tries to Call
    First Line: VIC: Are ya in a trance, Pocket Watch? RUSH: I'm tryin' to figure somethin' out.
  15. Date: 39-06-13
    Title: A Porch Collapses
    First Line: SADE: I win? VIC: Let's see your cards. SADE: [shows them] Um. VIC: Sure ya win.
  16. Date: 39-07-05
    Title: Two Tons of Coal
    First Line: VIC: [overlapping Rush] You don't mean to tell me that you want me to go over there...
  17. Date: 39-08-30
    Title: Preselected School Clothes
    First Line: SADE: Willie out in back? VIC: Yeah. SADE: What doin'? VIC: Sittin' on the steps.
  18. Date: 39-09-06
    Title: Office Work at Home - Magnifying Glass
    First Line: VIC: [calls] Yes, who is it? RUSH: [off] That you, Gov? I never knew you were home.
  19. Date: 39-09-22
    Title: Wildflowers
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Ruthie, it completely slipped my mind. Completely slipped my mind.
  20. Date: 39-09
    Title: Rush Tenders His Resignations
    First Line: SADE: Are you really studyin' there, Rush, or just foolin' around?
  21. Date: 39-10-06
    Title: Double Feature in Hopewood
    First Line: VIC: Your mother in the house? RUSH: Living-room. VIC: You were cruel to drag me away...
  22. Date: 39-10-30
    Title: Five Christmas Card Salesmen
    First Line: VIC: Sadie, you may produce the sheaf of wires, letters, postal cards and cablegrams...
  23. Date: 39-10-31
    Title: Blue-tooth Under the Davenport
    First Line: SADE: You makin' that noise? VIC: No. You are, ain'tcha? SADE: No. VIC: I thought...
  24. Date: 39-11-06
    Title: Charley's Fish Snapshot
    First Line: SADE: You fellas scrub your hands good after handlin' that coal? VIC: Sure.
  25. Date: 39-11-07
    Title: Smelly Makes a Speech
    First Line: RUSH: By George, I was impressed as a horse. VIC: Smelly never impressed me particularly.
  26. Date: 39-11-14
    Title: Tearing Down a Three-storey Brick Building
    First Line: SADE: You'll break that. RUSH: No. SADE: Will too. It's gettin' old.
  27. Date: 39-11-21
    Title: Smelly Clark's Christmas Presents
    First Line: RUSH: Mom, 'member the other day me sayin' I thought I could reasonably expect...
  28. Date: 39-12
    Title: Rush Is Getting on in Years
    First Line: SADE: How's everything with you? RUSH: Pretty fair. SADE: Where ya been since dinner?
  29. Date: 1939
    Title: Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade a Stall
    First Line: VIC: Corporal Johnson, old chum, I'd like to nip an idea of yours in the bud.
  30. Date: 1939
    Title: Sade Volunteers Rush for a Pageant
    First Line: SADE: Thought you were in bed and asleep. RUSH: [neg] Uh-uh. SADE: You're not hungry.
  31. Date: 1939
    Title: Vic's Christmas Card List
    First Line: SADE: That great big list of fellas? VIC: Oh, thunder, Sade. Every doggone year...
  32. Date: 1939
    Title: Vic's Geographical Trip
    First Line: SADE: Your father feels jolly about something. RUSH: You can tell by his elastic step...
  33. Date: 40-01-02
    Title: Painted Portrait of Big Dipper
    First Line: VIC: Did ya read this letter from Lodge headquarters? SADE: Yes.
  34. Date: 40-01-09
    Title: Sade Muses on Her Friendship with Mis' Scott
    First Line: RUSH: Almost finished, Gov? VIC: No, darn it. I struck some snags. What time is it?
  35. Date: 40-01-12
    Title: Vegetable Garden
    First Line: SADE: Why, I thought you'd be delighted. And look at your faces: jaws dropped down...
  36. Date: 40-01-19
    Title: Gumpox vs Donahue
    First Line: VIC: Why do you sit an' look sluggishly at your cards? RUSH: Figurin' out somethin'.
  37. Date: 40-01-22
    Title: R.J. Konk's (Improved) Portrait
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Stanley turned to the crowd of excited spectators...
  38. Date: 40-01-24
    Title: Y.Y. Flirch Elected Best Looking Man
    First Line: VIC: [off] You, Sade? SADE: Yes. VIC: [off] I'm home. RUSH: [chuckles] We know it.
  39. Date: 40-02-02
    Title: Mr. Donahue Gets a Promotion
    First Line: SADE: [off] Vic? VIC: [calls] Hi-de-hi. SADE: Mr. Donahue got the new job. VIC: Did he?
  40. Date: 40-02-20
    Title: Rush's Good Looks
    First Line: RUSH: You're not proud & pleased girls up at highschool are struck by my good old skull?
  41. Date: 40-02-27
    Title: Deep Currents of School Life
    First Line: SADE: Willy, I was talkin' to Mis' Call s'afternoon an' she said Mr. Chinbunny got...
  42. Date: 40-03-19
    Title: A Letter From Aunt Bess - Grocery List
    First Line: VIC: That a new Third-Lieutenant Stanley book you got there? RUSH: Yeah.
  43. Date: 40-03-25
    Title: Smelly Clark's Big Date
    First Line: SADE: What's your watch say? VIC: Hah? SADE: Look and see what time it is.
  44. Date: 40-03-27
    Title: Vic Fakes the Cornet
    First Line: RUSH: Why didn't you wait for me when I hollered? SADE: I wasn't gonna stand out...
  45. Date: 40-03-29
    Title: No Trip to Chicago
    First Line: VIC: Where's your mother? RUSH: In the other room. Or upstairs, maybe.
  46. Date: 40-04-04
    Title: Rush Makes a Call on a Girl
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Yes. [chuckles] Oh, forget it Mis' Gimple. I told Harold...
  47. Date: 40-04-08
    Title: Can Blue-tooth Sue the Bijou
    First Line: SADE: Let's not play anymore. VIC: You tired? SADE: Hm-mm. VIC: That's a fine thing...
  48. Date: 40-04-10
    Title: Nicer to Sleep over for Two Weeks
    First Line: RUSH: By George, it's a horrible thing to contemplate. SADE: Oh, contemplate wontemplate.
  49. Date: 40-04-15
    Title: Milton's Dirt in Fruit Jars
    First Line: RUSH: Mom not around, huh? VIC: Uh-uh. Didn't she say something at the dinner table...
  50. Date: 40-04-17
    Title: Vic's Heart-shaped Face
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Stanley realized with dismay that he and Lady Margaret...
  51. Date: 40-05-03
    Title: Engine Cab Ride to Chicago
    First Line: VIC: Holy Smoke, Sade, the thing is ridiculous. SADE: I don't see why you say that.
  52. Date: 40-05-06
    Title: Working on Hank Gutstop's Debts - Rush
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Stanley contemplated the oscillating head...
  53. Date: 40-05-15
    Title: Vic's Picture Not In the Quarterly
    First Line: SADE: Both you an' your father expressly asked for beef punkles. Beef punkles require...
  54. Date: 40-05-27
    Title: Mis' Scott Getting Too Chummy
    First Line: SADE: All through? RUSH: Yeah, at last. SADE: You studied real well.
  55. Date: 40-05-29
    Title: Nicer the Goader
    First Line: SADE: Did ya hit him? RUSH: Wasn't a very hard hit. SADE: But you did hit him?
  56. Date: 40-06-02
    Title: Mr. Chinbunny Wants to Smoke Cigars - Rush
    First Line: SADE: [giggles] Oh, ish. VIC: What's the matter? SADE: Ah, this trashy novel of Rush's.
  57. Date: 40-06-11
    Title: Mrs Husher Grows Up
    First Line: VIC: Mr. Scorekeeper, would you mind readin' off the standings? RUSH: You know what...
  58. Date: 40-06-12
    Title: Fred's Tire Trouble
    First Line: VIC: Our dear old chum, Fred Stembottom, has suddenly become a hero.
  59. Date: 40-06-13
    Title: Hank Gutstop is Healthy
    First Line: VIC: I can't get anywhere with this. SADE: What is it you're doin'?
  60. Date: 40-06-14
    Title: Last Day of School
    First Line: SADE: I expect you wanta be by yourself. VIC: Maybe I could concentrate better, Kiddo.
  61. Date: 40-06-17 (note: same date as next episode)
    Title: YY Flirtch Hit by Train
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Stanley gazed fearlessly into the grim faces...
  62. Date: 40-06-17 (note: same date as previous episode)
    Title: Mr. Sludge to Sleep Overnight
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Stanley winked, smirked and adjusted his cravat.
  63. Date: 40-06-18
    Title: June Christmas Card Pressure
    First Line: SADE: What on earth's this? RUSH: Christmas card sample book. SADE: Where'd it come from?
  64. Date: 40-06-19
    Title: Vic's Wide Brimmed Hat
    First Line: SADE: I never heard of anything so fishy. VIC: You are unwontedly incredulous...
  65. Date: 40-06-21
    Title: The Royal Throne Barbershop
    First Line: VIC: Hi-de-hi. SADE: Hi. You've been talkin' on the telephone all this time?
  66. Date: 40-06-24
    Title: Mr. Gumpox Blows Kisses
    First Line: VIC: I gather from the way your little heart-shaped face lights up you've won...
  67. Date: 40-07-01
    Title: Ruthie Has Secrets
    First Line: SADE: Salted peanuts even under the davenport. VIC: Well, Fred's the guilty party.
  68. Date: 40-07-04
    Title: Mr. Sludge Calls His Mother
    First Line: VIC: Why can't I go in? SADE: Mr. Sludge is using the telephone. VIC: Well?
  69. Date: 40-07-22
    Title: Mr. Donahue Asks for a Demotion
    First Line: RUSH: Nobody can say for a fact oranges are more delicious than bananas, can they?
  70. Date: 40-07-23
    Title: Razorscum's Photograph Album
    First Line: SADE: Is your father still in the kitchen? RUSH: I guess so. Unless he went...
  71. Date: 40-08-07
    Title: Meals for Bachelors
    First Line: RUSH: I won't need a whole dollar, Gov. Holey smoke, an individual can eat their head off...
  72. Date: 40-08-08
    Title: Sade Is in Carberry
    First Line: RUSH: You know what, Gov? VIC: What? RUSH: I think we oughta clean up the house before...
  73. Date: 40-08-13
    Title: Little Carberry Gossips
    First Line: SADE: Hey, I haven't give you any little Carberry gossips yet.
  74. Date: 40-08-14
    Title: Bacon Sandwiches
    First Line: RUSH: [off] Mom. SADE: Hey, don't you be comin' in that front door with your muddy feet.
  75. Date: 40-08-16
    Title: Entertaining Mr Buller
    First Line: SADE: [off] Rush. RUSH: [calls] Yeah. SADE: Ya haven't left yet, have ya? RUSH: No.
  76. Date: 40-08-23
    Title: Modeling for Mis Wheeler
    First Line: SADE: I'm glad you're here, Willie. I was just about to telephone around for ya.
  77. Date: 40-08-26
    Title: Funny Money
    First Line: RUSH: Hi. SADE: Hello, Willie. RUSH: Threatens to rain. SADE: What? RUSH: Looks like rain.
  78. Date: 40-09
    Title: Sleepers Beware - Rush
    First Line: RUSH: Leland Richards claims he's gonna give Annabel Hemstreet a gunny sack full...
  79. Date: 40-10-23
    Title: Hot Soup
    First Line: VIC: This is the kind of weather that puts pep in a guy. SADE: Gettin' colder out?
  80. Date: 40-11-19
    Title: Man Caught in a Revolving Door
    First Line: VIC: Sadie. I have issued my ultimatum for the last time. Repair above stairs...
  81. Date: 40-12-17
    Title: A Bijou Lifetime Pass
    First Line: SADE: Who pays for this baboon? VIC: Beg pardon? SADE: Do we pay for this baboon?
  82. Date: 40-12-23
    Title: A Letter From Aunt Bess - 1937
    First Line: VIC: Hi-de-hi, ho-de-ho. SADE: I got a bone to pick with him. RUSH: Gov? SADE: Yeah.
  83. Date: 40-12-31
    Title: Howard Has a New Harness
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Clinton Stanley showed no trace of fear as he watched...
  84. Date: 40-12
    Title: H.K. Fleeber's Forty-Eight Teeth
    First Line: VIC: Doggone it. SADE: What's the trouble? VIC: I'm not gettin' anywhere.
  85. Date: 1940
    Title: Hank's Two Hundred Dollar Wardrobe
    First Line: SADE: What did Hank Gutstop want? VIC: Oh, did he telephone here? SADE: Yeah.
  86. Date: 1940
    Title: Ice Cream and Salted Peanuts at Midnight
    First Line: VIC: Did ya decide to drop by for breakfast? RUSH: What time is it? VIC: Midnight!
  87. Date: 1940
    Title: Mis' Appelrot Rearranges The Furniture
    First Line: SADE: [off] Who's that? You, Rush? RUSH: [calls] Yeah. When d'ya move the furniture?
  88. Date: 1940
    Title: Vic's Photograph With R.J. Konk
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Clinton Stanley glared inimically at the chief of the...
  89. Date: 1940
    Title: A Letter To Walter
    First Line: VIC: Here, here, my man. There's a rule about lookin' at the discards. RUSH: You do it.
  90. Date: 1940
    Title: Old Alarm Clocks
    First Line: SADE: Rush. RUSH: Hi, Mom. SADE: What's all this? RUSH: On the library-table, you mean?
  91. Date: 41-01-21
    Title: Death of Bernice
    First Line: SADE: You look sad. RUSH: I am. SADE: Get a bad mark in your algebra? RUSH: [neg] Uh-uh.
  92. Date: 41-01-22
    Title: A Very Pleasant Noon Hour
    First Line: VIC: If I was half a man I'd follow my inclinations an' stretch out on the davenport.
  93. Date: 41-01-23
    Title: The All-Star Marching Team
    First Line: SADE: You've been honored, huh? VIC: Signally. I've been named a member of the...
  94. Date: 41-01-24
    Title: Mr. Ruebush Has to Wait
    First Line: SADE: I didn't blame her. I didn't blame her one bit. I was glad she showed some spunk...
  95. Date: 41-01-25
    Title: Beautiful Beautiful Wallpaper
    First Line: SADE: What exactly did Mr. Erickson say? RUSH: [chuckles] He says: tell your mother...
  96. Date: 41-02-03
    Title: Wallpapering at Midnight
    First Line: VIC: Who's in the livin' room? RUSH: Mr. Erickson. VIC: Oh ecstasy!
  97. Date: 41-02-07
    Title: Landlady's Photos
    First Line: FLETCHER: Can't we all sit in a row on the davenport? Then everybody can look...
  98. Date: 41-02-11
    Title: Fred Considers Joining the Lodge
    First Line: SADE: Ruthie passed a little remark this afternoon that might interest ya, Vic.
  99. Date: 41-02-16
    Title: A Manual For Wives of Sky Brothers
    First Line: SADE: [dryly] I received a peachy letter from Lodge headquarters this afternoon.
  100. Date: 41-02-24
    Title: Uncle Fletcher To Meet One O'Clock Train
    First Line: SADE: Believe I'll go to bed. VIC: What time is it? SADE: Gettin' on for eleven.
  101. Date: 41-02-25
    Title: Ladies Auxiliary Marching Team
    First Line: SADE: I'm certainly not gonna do any marchin'. VIC: Well, no marchin's required of ya.
  102. Date: 41-03-14
    Title: Marching Team Pictures
    First Line: VIC: Did you glance through my Lodge magazine? SADE: Your Lodge magazine?
  103. Date: 41-03-18
    Title: Mis' Keller to Join the Thimble Club
    First Line: FLETCHER: There's no hurry about this, Sadie. We can talk about it any time...
  104. Date: 41-03-25
    Title: Muddled Shopping Money
    First Line: SADE: Oh, darn it. VIC: What's the trouble, Doctor Sleetch?
  105. Date: 41-03-27
    Title: Hank's Weather Service
    First Line: SADE: [giggles] She got the point for once. Tittered like a horse.
  106. Date: 41-03-31
    Title: Rush Wants His Interest
    First Line: RUSH: Busy there, Gov? VIC: Not especially. I'm over the hump.
  107. Date: 41-03
    Title: Thirteen Guests
    First Line: SADE: Why didn't ya tell me before? VIC: I saw no particular necessity for it.
  108. Date: 41-04-04
    Title: Mr. Breep's Birthday Dinner
    First Line: RUSH: Where's Mom at? VIC: She stepped across the alley to borrow...
  109. Date: 41-04-23
    Title: Sweet Dreams Mr. Donahue
    First Line: RUSH: Busy, Gov? VIC: I'm just coastin'. I've finished all the hard work.
  110. Date: 41-04
    Title: Five Dollars For Shopping
    First Line: VIC: As long as you're convinced your accounts are straight, why bother checkin'...
  111. Date: 41-04
    Title: Forty Pounds of Golf Clubs
    First Line: SADE: But that sounds dangerous. VIC: Dangerous? Chances are I'll get killed.
  112. Date: 41-04
    Title: Fourteen Days in Grovelman
    First Line: RUSH: Hey, Gov, since when has Grovelman, South Carolina, been the geographic center...
  113. Date: 41-04
    Title: Vic Wins a Broad-brimmed Hat
    First Line: RUSH: I guess cards run in streaks. By George, last time we played I got dealt...
  114. Date: 41-05-02
    Title: Vic's Picture on Quarterly Cover
    First Line: VIC: Are there any people present who can keep a secret? RUSH: Blue-tooth Johnson claims...
  115. Date: 41-05-08
    Title: Mr. Erickson Gives the House as a Gift
    First Line: VIC: Erickson sure is a cute one for figurin' out smart angles.
  116. Date: 41-05-12
    Title: Exalted Big Dipper Day
    First Line: VIC: I s'pose you noticed I received a letter from Lodge headquarters today.
  117. Date: 41-05-13
    Title: Souvenirs and Mementos
    First Line: RUSH: [calls] Hi there. FLETCHER: Hello, Rush. RUSH: Isn't anybody home? FLETCHER: Fine.
  118. Date: 41-05-16
    Title: Door Stops
    First Line: SADE: Where did you see Uncle Fletcher? RUSH: Up at the corner of Kelsey Street.
  119. Date: 41-05-21
    Title: The Key Collection
    First Line: FLETCHER: Yes, I carry considerable keys in my pocket. Always have.
  120. Date: 41-05-30
    Title: A Phone Call from Homer U. McDancy
    First Line: RUSH: He said these five fellas in Hunkermon, Maine, were very anxious to meet ya.
  121. Date: 41-05
    Title: Bulletin Board Monitor
    First Line: SADE: Appreciate how long you been sittin' here? VIC: [neg] Uh-uh. SADE: Fifteen minutes.
  122. Date: 41-06-01
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Telephones Aunt Bess
    First Line: SADE: How nice of Mis' Keller to make the suggestion. FLETCHER: Uh-huh.
  123. Date: 41-06-03
    Title: The Hammock
    First Line: SADE: When on earth you gonna get around to puttin' up our porch swing?
  124. Date: 41-06-04
    Title: Grand Old Lady
    First Line: RUSH: Huh, that's the third time in five minutes you've made a mistake, Gov.
  125. Date: 41-06-09
    Title: Letter Writing Plot
    First Line: VIC: While I'm waitin' for the meat to get done, Doctor Sleetch, you may hand me...
  126. Date: 41-06-30
    Title: Who's Who In Kitchenware
    First Line: RUSH: Article here about Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber. SADE: Yeah, I saw it. RUSH: Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber...
  127. Date: 41-07-01
    Title: Uncle Fletcher's Easy Chair
    First Line: FLETCHER: First rate easy chair for sittin' on, Rush. It was built to last.
  128. Date: 41-07
    Title: Fred's Concrete Partition
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] No, haven't even started to leave yet, Fred. [chuckles] I don't guess...
  129. Date: 41-08-26
    Title: A Man In The House
    First Line: SADE: We got company, Rush. RUSH: Have we? SADE: Uncle Fletcher's out on the front porch.
  130. Date: 41-09-09
    Title: Christmas Presents For The Boss
    First Line: SADE: You don't hafta think about that already, do ya? VIC: Well, sure.
  131. Date: 41-09-17
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Cleans House
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Gee, Ruthie, I'd like to but I'm afraid I just can't.
  132. Date: 41-09-29
    Title: Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker
    First Line: RUSH: [calls] That you, Mom? VIC: [off] Hi. RUSH: [calls] Hi, Gov. VIC: [off] Mom in there?
  133. Date: 41-10-08
    Title: Sade's Surprise Gift - Washrags
    First Line: SADE: Vic, will you be a wonderful, fine, elegant fella and do something without kicking...
  134. Date: 41-10-09
    Title: It's Algebra Uncle Fletcher
    First Line: RUSH: [to phone] Gee, Blue-tooth, I'd like to but I guess I hadn't better.
  135. Date: 41-10-10
    Title: Fred's Tires
    First Line: SADE: I didn't like it one little teeny tiny bit. VIC: Tell him so? SADE: No, I never.
  136. Date: 41-10-14
    Title: Cornet Lessons
    First Line: SADE: Lodge meetin's draggin' out a good long time tonight. RUSH: Yes.
  137. Date: 41-10-31
    Title: Broken Alarm Clocks
    First Line: FLETCHER: This fella, Art Gummers, invented a fish stretcher. Idea was you go fishin'...
  138. Date: 41-11-04
    Title: Sade's Surprise Gift - Slippers
    First Line: RUSH: But it says in big letters on the wrappin' paper: do not open until Christmas.
  139. Date: 41-11-05
    Title: Vic's Christmas Gift List
    First Line: SADE: No, Vic. VIC: Beg pardon. SADE: You're not gonna send Christmas presents to...
  140. Date: 41-11-20
    Title: A Miserable Object of Public Ridicule
    First Line: SADE: [reads] The bride, leaning heavily upon the arm of her father, was radiant...
  141. Date: 41-11
    Title: Car Ride To Chenoa
    First Line: VIC: [to phone] No. Now, you take Plant Seventeen there in Dubuque, Iowa... RUSH: Mom.
  142. Date: 41-11
    Title: Playing Hooky
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Well, it all depends on whether I get through or not, Ruthie.
  143. Date: 41-12-01
    Title: Winnie and her man
    First Line: VIC: Who's in the other room? RUSH: Some dear old chums of you and Mom. VIC: Who are they?
  144. Date: 41-12-08
    Title: The Bottom Buffet Drawer
    First Line: FLETCHER: Guess Sadie's not home. RUSH: Prob'ly upstairs or down cellar.
  145. Date: 41-12-12
    Title: Christmas Shopping for Mr. Buller
    First Line: SADE: Nuisance? It's a lot more then just a nuisance. It's a big mean job of work.
  146. Date: 41-12-25
    Title: North Dakota River Bottom Revel
    First Line: SADE: What's a North Dakota River Bottom Revel? VIC: I gather it's a beloved old winter...
  147. Date: 41-12
    Title: Christmas Present Money
    First Line: RUSH: Since this is business, and strictly business, I thought I'd keep it on a business...
  148. Date: 41-12
    Title: Stacey Yop and Doctor Sockers
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] The handsome young officer regarded the band of counterfeitin'...
  149. Date: 1941
    Title: Icebergs
    First Line: SADE: I glanced out the winda and there were several boys and girls on the sidewalk...
  150. Date: 1941
    Title: Uncle Fletcher's Trip to Dixon
    First Line: FLETCHER: We had wonderful traveling weather all the way there. I mean by wonderful...
  151. Date: 42-02-11
    Title: Fred Will Budget For Vic
    First Line: VIC: You talked lengthily on the telephone while I was down cellar. SADE: Could ya hear...
  152. Date: 42-02-13
    Title: The Prize Clock
    First Line: SADE: Gone over to Mis' Rogers'.RUSH: She won't be home 'til five o'clock. SADE: Oh.
  153. Date: 42-02-17
    Title: Hank Gutstop Hostess
    First Line: RUSH: ... study now I'll have it all done, and can have the evening free for other...
  154. Date: 42-02-18
    Title: Edith Suggins' Visit
    First Line: RUSH: ... Lodge meetin'. SADE: Yeah. Let me tell him. ...About Edith and Raleigh.
  155. Date: 42-02-19
    Title: Uncle Fletcher's Room is Being Painted
    First Line: FLETCHER: I want you people to go right on ahead with your plans exactly as if...
  156. Date: 42-02-24
    Title: Rawhide Shoestrings
    First Line: SADE: Uncle Fletcher's tired; just won't go to bed. RUSH: I could use some sleep myself.
  157. Date: 42-02-25
    Title: Donahue's Doorbell
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] ... poke around the button with a pin. Ah ha. Well, no.
  158. Date: 42-02-26
    Title: First to Put up the Porch Swing
    First Line: RUSH: ... gonna put up this porch swing but I think us two can manage it okay.
  159. Date: 42-03-03
    Title: Accounting for Spondulicks
    First Line: SADE: Quick, Rush, you're the accountant, here's the money. RUSH: Hey, you're throwin'...
  160. Date: 42-03-04
    Title: The Room Warming
    First Line: RUSH: ... breakable engagement to go down the Y.M.C.A. and watch the fat men play handball.
  161. Date: 42-03-06
    Title: Tornado Gook
    First Line: VIC: I don't know [...] SADE: I bet. [...] VIC: Your eyes are great saucers of enchanted...
  162. Date: 42-03-09
    Title: A Letter from Aunt Bess - Uncle Fletcher
    First Line: FLETCHER: Made all his wife's clothes. Every stitch she wore, he made.
  163. Date: 42-03-12
    Title: Little Tiny Petite Pheasant Feather Tea Shoppy
    First Line: RUSH: Rain-brain Vooper up at school claims he's related to your friends...
  164. Date: 42-03
    Title: Mis Appelrot's Petition
    First Line: VIC: I have just toted up the score. RUSH: Couldn't've been much of a job...
  165. Date: 42-03
    Title: Fred's Dead Storage Car
    First Line: SADE: Come straight home from school now, Leland, because I'm gonna need ya. Good-bye.
  166. Date: 42-04-06
    Title: The Scrap Drive
    First Line: SADE: [off] Hey, this grass seed isn't takin' a hold in some places.
  167. Date: 43-04-13
    Title: Roy Dejectedly
    First Line: SADE: Ruthie runs down her heels on the insides. DOTTIE: So does Grace McAndrews there in Marion.
  168. Date: 42-04-20
    Title: Gravy Boat
    First Line: SADE: ... She wrote to some cousin and enquired after the gravy boat and finally...
  169. Date: 42-05-15
    Title: Mentioned in Dispatches
    First Line: SADE: Who's gonna tell what they got to tell first? VIC: We might flip a coin.
  170. Date: 42-05-28
    Title: Doctor Keevey's Flower Garden
    First Line: RUSH: I just want to tell ya that Mom telephoned a little bit ago and said to tell ya...
  171. Date: 42-06-08
    Title: A Letter from Aunt Bess - Sleepy
    First Line: SADE: You're just doing that to be mean. VIC: Huh? SADE: You've been reading the...
  172. Date: 42-07-16
    Title: A Gross Of Gravels
    First Line: VIC: What's the situation we have to cope with? SADE: Situation?
  173. Date: 42-07
    Title: Mr. Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream
    First Line: RUSH: History is repeatin' itself again, by George. SADE: Because you and I are sittin'...
  174. Date: 42-07
    Title: Vic's Inspection Tour
    First Line: VIC: [to phone] Yes, I believe I've got everything organized, Chief.
  175. Date: 42-08-06
    Title: Sade's Christmas Cards
    First Line: RUSH: Greetings. SADE: Oh, hi. RUSH: [chuckles] You frightened by your own flesh and blood?
  176. Date: 42-08-09
    Title: Rush Treats Sade to the Movies
    First Line: RUSH: I'll treat ya to the movie show, Mom. SADE: Fine. RUSH: By George, you took me up...
  177. Date: 42-08-18
    Title: Cleaning the Attic
    First Line: RUSH: Gosh, but it's dark and stuffy and miserable and hot and dusty up here.
  178. Date: 42-08-24
    Title: Rush's School Clothes
    First Line: RUSH: Meat's not done, huh? SADE: No, and won't be for a little bit.
  179. Date: 42-08
    Title: Robert and Slobert Call Long Distance
    First Line: RUSH: [to phone] Ever yours in the golden shackles of the fraternity...
  180. Date: 42-08
    Title: Washrag Collection
    First Line: RUSH: Hi. FLETCHER: [off] Evening, Sadie. RUSH: Oh, hello, Uncle Fletcher. Come on in...
  181. Date: 42-09-14
    Title: Sade and Ruthie Come Out Even
    First Line: VIC: I believe, my boy, there are some facets of good sportsmanship which have eluded you.
  182. Date: 42-09-15
    Title: The Silent March
    First Line: RUSH: ... and Slobert Hink of Hoopeston, Illinois, O.X. Bellyman of Yella Jump...
  183. Date: 42-10-01
    Title: Cherry Phosphates
    First Line: SADE: My stars, is it that late? VIC: Fire, murder, an' thieves; what's the trouble?
  184. Date: 42-10-12
    Title: Mayor Wants to Joins the Lodge
    First Line: VIC: He wants an application blank. He's gonna join the Lodge. RUSH: Well.
  185. Date: 42-10-20
    Title: Fred's Concrete Floor
    First Line: SADE: That was Fred. VIC: I gathered as much from hearing you say: Good-bye, Fred.
  186. Date: 42-10-27
    Title: Christmas Suggestions for the Boss
    First Line: VIC: Hello, Sadie, you pretty girl you. SADE: Well, thought it was Rush in here.
  187. Date: 42-11-20
    Title: Smelly Cuts Rush's Hair
    First Line: RUSH: [to phone] Oh, I see, Mis' Tisdel. Yes. Well, uh, what time does she...
  188. Date: 42-12-07
    Title: Miss Neagel Tears Up Lee Street
    First Line: SADE: Read the daily little love story? VIC: I never read the daily little love story.
  189. Date: 1942
    Title: Going to Carberry
    First Line: SADE: You don't need to titter and get that funny surprised expression on your face...
  190. Date: 1942
    Title: Lodge Speech Rehearsal
    First Line: VIC: Sky-brother Gutstop, you are a bobolink with a broken wing...
  191. Date: 1942
    Title: The Thunder Storm
    First Line: SADE: Oh, out here, are ya? VIC: You hit the nail right on the head, Doctor Sleetch.
  192. Date: 43-01-04
    Title: Honorary Titles
    First Line: SADE: Is that another Lodge catalogue? VIC: It's the thing that come in the...
  193. Date: 43-01-07
    Title: Fred Considers Joining the Lodge
    First Line: VIC: He was patronizin'. Even condescendin'. SADE: Uh-huh. VIC: Maybe you have some...
  194. Date: 43-02-15
    Title: Dottie's Letter From Chuck
    First Line: FLETCHER: Craziest half-wit winter I ever come across. SADE: Is it just terrible cold out?
  195. Date: 43-02-16
    Title: Leland Richards is Coming
    First Line: FLETCHER: Still more company, Sadie? SADE: Well, only maybe a few days. Maybe longer.
  196. Date: 43-02-27
    Title: Leland Richards is Homesick
    First Line: SADE: Why, where'd Leland go? DOTTIE: He went up to his room. SADE: Not to bed?
  197. Date: 43-03-05
    Title: Vic Entertains Dottie
    First Line: SADE: Where ya been all afternoon? VIC: Chicago and Alton yards. SADE: What doin'?
  198. Date: 43-03-10
    Title: Chuck and Dottie Wash Dishes
    First Line: VIC: [off] Whatever become of my blue knitted necktie? SADE: [calls] Gee, I don't know.
  199. Date: 43-03-18
    Title: Mis' Appelrot Picks on Dottie
    First Line: VIC: There's a strong touch of spring in the air. SADE: Yes, warm as toast.
  200. Date: 43-03-31
    Title: Brainfeebles House Warming
    First Line: SADE: You in there, Vic? VIC: Hi-de-hi, ho-de-ho. SADE: Still workin'? VIC: Yeah.
  201. Date: 43-04-12
    Title: Dottie's New Dress
    First Line: SADE: You're not doin' anything but readin' that old newspaper, are ya.
  202. Date: 43-04-13
    Title: Roy Dejectedly
    First Line: SADE: Ruthie runs down her heels on the insides. DOTTIE: So does Grace McAndrews there..
  203. Date: 43-05-04
    Title: Leather Ringmasters
    First Line: SADE: [calls sharply] Yes, who is it? CHUCK: [in kitchen] Dick Gook, I have a warrant for...
  204. Date: 43-06-08
    Title: Front Porch Swing
    First Line: VIC: You didn't drag this junk up from the basement by yourself, did ya?
  205. Date: 43-07-12
    Title: Gumpox's Lodge Regalia
    First Line: SADE: Come here. Let me see that scratch. RUSSELL: It's all healed. SADE: Come here.
  206. Date: 43-07-23
    Title: Changes to the Regalia
    First Line: RUSSELL: I found a dead fish. Anybody in this house want any? VIC: Hi, George.
  207. Date: 43-08-20
    Title: Picking Up Vic in Fred's Car
    First Line: RUSSELL: Five minutes late outa Joliet, huh? Well, is it liable to be any later than...
  208. Date: 43-09-20
    Title: Fifty Photos of Vic
    First Line: FLETCHER: I've been ridin' on Gumpox's garbage wagon ever since noon. I got a crick...
  209. Date: 43-09
    Title: Russell Tenders His Resignations
    First Line: SADE: I bet that's my good yella stationery you're fiddlin' with. RUSSELL: Do you mind...
  210. Date: 43-10-01
    Title: A Letter From Aunt Bess - Sewing Buttons
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Well, I told Mis' Holloway: in half an hour. Does that suit you?
  211. Date: 43-10-11
    Title: Victor R. Gook Fontonelle
    First Line: RUSSELL: [off] Is that you, Gov? VIC: [calls] Hi-de-hi, ho-de-ho. RUSSELL: I had the...
  212. Date: 43-10-26
    Title: Honorary Lodge Member
    First Line: RUSSELL: [reads] Lady Margaret's luxuriant jet black eye lashes were over...
  213. Date: 43-10-27
    Title: Thimble Club Meeting
    First Line: VIC: A fine thing when a man don't dare enter his own home. RUSSELL: It's always like...
  214. Date: 43-11-03
    Title: Watch Fob Collection
    First Line: SADE: Hey, mister, there's something I'd like to say to you. VIC: What is it, my love?
  215. Date: 43-11-08
    Title: Essay on Birds
    First Line: VIC: You seem unhappy an' distraught, my bobolink. RUSSELL: Bobolink is right.
  216. Date: 43-11-10
    Title: Eight Million Jobs
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] I'm afraid I can't go inta that with ya right this minute, Mr. Baugh.
  217. Date: 43-11-11
    Title: Stingyberry Jam
    First Line: FLETCHER: Sadie upstairs, are they? VIC: Be down directly, be down directly.
  218. Date: 43-11-12
    Title: Uncle Fletcher's Packing Problems
    First Line: RUSSELL: Greetin's, Gov. VIC: Hello, Russell. How's everything in the halls of learnin'?
  219. Date: 43-11-15
    Title: Ike Kneesuffer's Snapshots
    First Line: VIC: Hi-de-hi, ho-de-ho. RUSSELL: Greetin's, Gov. Come up the alley, huh? VIC: I sure did.
  220. Date: 43-11-19
    Title: Carribean Dream Flute
    First Line: VIC: I'm the poor dupe that's always gotta answer this lame-brain thing.
  221. Date: 43-11-26
    Title: Christmas Suggestions for the Boss
    First Line: SADE: Hey, whatcha makin' faces at? VIC: Do I contort my features into unlovely grimaces?
  222. Date: 43-11-29
    Title: A Garbage Wagon Pass
    First Line: VIC: [to phone] Well, I hope, Sadie, you didn't call me up to drag me away from my work...
  223. Date: 43-11-30
    Title: Sweet Esther Wisconsin
    First Line: RUSSELL: [calls] Uncle Fletcher in the livin' room, are they? SADE: [off] Yes, he's here.
  224. Date: 43-12-02
    Title: Cleaning the Bookcase
    First Line: SADE: So let's not argue. You're home from school early, your chums are busy...
  225. Date: 43-12-16
    Title: The Color of Gumpox's Eyes
    First Line: SADE: [off] Anybody in the living-room, are they? RUSSELL: That's Mom. VIC: Oh, impossible.
  226. Date: 43-12-27
    Title: Invoice Preparations
    First Line: VIC: Hello. RUSSELL: Hello. VIC: May I be of service to ya? RUSSELL: [negative] Uh-uh.
  227. Date: 44-01-24
    Title: Vic Sleeping On the Couch
    First Line: FLETCHER: He changed his name to Umbright, changed it to McFleeker, changed it to...
  228. Date: 44-01-25
    Title: Missouri State Home for the Tall
    First Line: VIC: I now have a grasp on current events. My tiny brain has absorbed facts and figures...
  229. Date: 44-02-01
    Title: Vic's Ideas for Selling War Bonds
    First Line: FLETCHER: Feeling first-rate, Sadie honey, can't complain, thanks for the inquiry.
  230. Date: 44-02-03
    Title: Sixty Pairs of Pants
    First Line: VIC: Decided what you're gonna discard? SADE: Huh? No, I was thinkin' about something else.
  231. Date: 44-02-04
    Title: Sleepers Beware - Russell
    First Line: RUSSELL: Blue-tooth Johnson claims he's gonna give Anabel Hemstreet a gunny sack full...
  232. Date: 44-02-25
    Title: The History of Plant Number Fourteen
    First Line: RUSSELL: [off] I did too lock up when I left. SADE: [off] Well, how could you have?
  233. Date: 44-03-01
    Title: Hank Gutstop Throws a Party
    First Line: VIC: Do I look like a pretty girl seventeen-years-old? SADE: No. VIC: Do I look like a...
  234. Date: 44-03-07
    Title: Hank Gutstop's Proposition
    First Line: FLETCHER: Hello. Anybody upstairs, are they? SADE: [off] Yes. Hello, who is it?
  235. Date: 44-03-17
    Title: Vic's Cancelled Trip
    First Line: RUSSELL: I think that shows a trace of deceit in Blue-tooth Johnson's make up.
  236. Date: 44-03-20
    Title: Mysterious Skulkers
    First Line: RUSSELL: You've won two an' I've won two. VIC: This is indeed an excitin' moment.
  237. Date: 44-04-03
    Title: Ted Stembottom
    First Line: VIC: [calls] Didn't you say our company'd be a little late this evening, Kiddo?
  238. Date: 44-04-05
    Title: Hyena Grease
    First Line: RUSSELL: Oyster Crecker an' Blue-tooth Johnson come within nine sixteens of an inch...
  239. Date: 44-04-07
    Title: The Solo March
    First Line: SADE: Your friend, Homer McDancy writes a lovely nice hand. Flourishes and goo-gaws...
  240. Date: 44-04-19
    Title: B.B. Baugh and the New Dentist
    First Line: SADE: Why do Russell an' me have to leave every time you've got some man stoppin' past...
  241. Date: 44-05-01
    Title: Lodge Holiday Visits
    First Line: RUSSELL: You found something in the box for all of us, huh? SADE: Yes. Mighty important...
  242. Date: 44-05-30
    Title: Lolita di Rienzi's Suggestion
    First Line: VIC: Well, I'm back in harness an' travelin' the same old wagon ruts again...
  243. Date: 44-06-02
    Title: Mr. Chinbunny Wants to Smoke Cigars - Russell
    First Line: SADE: [giggles] Oh, ish. VIC: What's the matter? SADE: This trashy novel of Russell's.
  244. Date: 44-06-07
    Title: Elk Skin Shoelaces
    First Line: SADE: [whispering tones] Hello there. FLETCHER: [off] Good morning, Sade.
  245. Date: 44-06-09
    Title: The Lunges Are Coming
    First Line: SADE: Vic, Vic... Wake up. VIC: [mutters sleepily] SADE: Come on, jump up from there.
  246. Date: 44-06-12
    Title: Professor Russell
    First Line: SADE: Might as well get started. VIC: Okay. SADE: Things'll be cold. Sit down.
  247. Date: 44-06-13
    Title: Prettiest Eye Contest
    First Line: RUSSELL: You know, I enjoy an occasional day like this durin' summer vacation.
  248. Date: 44-06-14
    Title: Deadman's Trick
    First Line: VIC: The mechanical principles back of the operation of your washin' machine are...
  249. Date: 44-06-15
    Title: A Letter from Aunt Bess - Listen Please
    First Line: FLETCHER: Likely, you never knew Ray Spelcher, Vic. No, you couldn't have because...
  250. Date: 44-06-16
    Title: Piercing Blue Eyes
    First Line: SADE: Do you need glasses? VIC: Beg pardon, Doctor Sleetch? SADE: You're squintin' so.
  251. Date: 44-06-19
    Title: Five Hundred Bijou Tickets
    First Line: VIC: It's a very pretty problem. SADE: Isn't it, though. So many ins an' outs...
  252. Date: 44-06-20
    Title: No More Pretty Boy
    First Line: SADE: He got home from the show at a respectable hour for once. VIC: Kiddo, Willis...
  253. Date: 44-06-21
    Title: Rishigan Fishigan's Secret
    First Line: SADE: Ish, how aggravatin'. VIC: What's the matter? SADE: Did you read the daily little...
  254. Date: 44-06-22
    Title: Sade Beats The Christmas Card Rap
    First Line: VIC: It gratifies an' exalts me to see my beloved baby boy studyin' so diligently.
  255. Date: 44-06-23
    Title: Lodge Telescope
    First Line: RUSSELL: What's new with you, Gov? VIC: Every few minutes I seem to grow better lookin'.
  256. Date: 44-06-26
    Title: Thimble Club Bazaar
    First Line: RUSSELL: It does, too, include you. VIC: Impossible. RUSSELL: Aw c'mon, Gov, play square.
  257. Date: 44-06-27
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Gets a Job Offer
    First Line: FLETCHER: Finally quit the shoe box manufacturing business, married a woman...
  258. Date: 44-06-28
    Title: A Letter From Mr. Buller
    First Line: VIC: It's a warm day, Sadie, honey. SADE: I'll say. RUSSELL: Cool as a cucumber in the...
  259. Date: 44-06-29
    Title: War Bond Visitor
    First Line: FLETCHER: Even the measliest of strawberries is delicious once a man mashes 'em up...
  260. Date: 44-06-30
    Title: Russell Stays with Milton Welch
    First Line: VIC: [yawns] How 'bout bed? SADE: You keep sayin' how 'bout bed every couple minutes but...
  261. Date: 44-07-04
    Title: Sade Plays Rummy
    First Line: VIC: It gives me a sweet darlin' warm little feelin' to reflect that I'm probably...
  262. Date: 44-07-05
    Title: Visiting Dignitaries
    First Line: RUSSELL: Yes sir, this is a very peaceful spot, this front porch of ours.
  263. Date: 44-07-06
    Title: Where to Hide the Ritual
    First Line: SADE: Well. VIC: How d'ya do, Doctor Sleetch. SADE: I never heard ya come in.
  264. Date: 44-07-07
    Title: A Letter from Yellow Jump
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] I know, Ruthie, I know, and I guess I must be gettin' old because the...
  265. Date: 44-07-10
    Title: A Collection of Personal Treasures
    First Line: VIC: Okay, Doctor Sleetch, come on. SADE: I'm ready. VIC: We will riot in a bang-up game...
  266. Date: 44-07-11
    Title: Don't Scrape Off The Watts
    First Line: SADE: Don't tell me you're studying algebra in summer vacation. RUSSELL: [chuckles] Sure.
  267. Date: 44-07-12
    Title: A Phone Call from Yellow Jump
    First Line: FLETCHER: While we're waiting for Vic to get here, Sadie, honey, I'll describe the...
  268. Date: 44-07-13
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Miffed with Sade
    First Line: RUSSELL: Hello, Gov. VIC: Huh? RUSSELL: Hello. VIC: It is dull and wearisome to...
  269. Date: 44-07-14
    Title: Sade Short Changed
    First Line: VIC: Don't bother drawing another card, old pal. RUSSELL: You win? VIC: Handily.
  270. Date: 44-07-17
    Title: Summer Maneuvers
    First Line: RUSSELL: Neither Blue-tooth or Smelly wanted to fight but they got egged into it.
  271. Date: 44-07-18
    Title: A Sale at Yamilton's
    First Line: SADE: I believe it was the biggest and most successful sale Yamilton's ever had.
  272. Date: 44-07-19
    Title: Uncle Fletcher's New Lodging
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Why, I bet that was fun. Did they have their children? Let's see...
  273. Date: 44-07-20
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Talks Business
    First Line: RUSSELL: [reads] That was a delicious kiss, crowed the handsome young officer...
  274. Date: 44-07-24
    Title: Robert and Slobert Are Scoundrels
    First Line: SADE: Boy did I ever walk this afternoon. RUSSELL: Downtown and back?
  275. Date: 44-07-25
    Title: Mr. Donahue Hates Vacations
    First Line: RUSSELL: [reads] That was a highly enjoyable hug and kiss, gloated Third-Lieutenant...
  276. Date: 44-07-26
    Title: Sade Pleads to See a Movie
    First Line: SADE: About ready to put on your hat? VIC: Beg pardon. SADE: Shall I bring ya your hat?
  277. Date: 44-07-27
    Title: Vic's Foreign Accent
    First Line: SADE: Well, Florence Ratfunnel gets her name in the paper, I see. VIC: Is dis da troot?
  278. Date: 44-07-28
    Title: Garbage Box Mystery
    First Line: RUSSELL: Blue-tooth Johnson told me that in all sincerity. VIC: He told you a fella...
  279. Date: 44-07-31
    Title: Hank Cuts His Debt to Vic
    First Line: RUSSELL: I can carry on a conversation on any subject, Blue-tooth Johnson says...
  280. Date: 44-08-01
    Title: Rotten Old Overshoes
    First Line: VIC: [off] Hey, Dorothy, I just looked at myself in the looking glass and I don't think...
  281. Date: 44-08-02
    Title: Sade Asks Vic To Evict Mr. Overholt
    First Line: VIC: Might just as well save your breath. SADE: But I promised her you'd do it.
  282. Date: 44-08-03
    Title: Russell Reminisces about the Old Days
    First Line: VIC: [yawns] I'm a dear sweet sleepy fella whose eyelids are gettin' mighty heavy.
  283. Date: 44-08-04
    Title: Vic is Boss for a Day
    First Line: RUSSELL: [to phone] I said: Blue-tooth, you owe me twelve cents and I need the money.
  284. Date: 44-08-07
    Title: Vic and Russell Fix Their Own Dinner
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] [laughs] Oh, Mis' Trogel, I bet I'm the most scandalous lady that ever...
  285. Date: 44-08-08
    Title: Russell in Charge of Howard
    First Line: SADE: Let's see, this is where ya make spreads. VIC: Oh, for gosh sakes, Doctor Sleetch.
  286. Date: 44-08-09
    Title: Mr. Gumpox Has Lost His Dentures - Russell
    First Line: RUSSELL: A mighty mighty punk show, hey, Gov? VIC: Most punk, most punk.
  287. Date: 44-08-10
    Title: Sade Struggles with a Letter
    First Line: SADE: I never knew a person could have so much trouble writin' a little letter.
  288. Date: 44-08-11
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Rests Body and Brain
    First Line: SADE: I'm glad you're back so soon. I was afraid I'd hafta walk over after ya. VIC: Why?
  289. Date: 44-08-14
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Prolongs His Stay
    First Line: VIC: Hullin' peas, eh, Doctor Sleetch? SADE: Uh-huh. It's hotter'n a furnace in...
  290. Date: 44-08-15
    Title: Vacation from a Vacation
    First Line: FLETCHER: The only man in Muskegon, Michigan, that got married on that particular day.
  291. Date: 44-08-16
    Title: A Dandy Picture of Vic
    First Line: RUSSELL: This is a funny time to be dustin' furniture. SADE: Sure is. Ha ha, ha ha.
  292. Date: 44-09-01
    Title: Arranging the Honeymoon
    First Line: SADE: You didn't disturb Uncle Fletcher when you come to the house just now? RUSSELL: Naw.
  293. Date: 44-09-04
    Title: Out of Town Wedding Guests
    First Line: VIC: For fifteen cents I wouldn't go over to Ike Kneesuffer's basement this afternoon.
  294. Date: 44-09-05
    Title: Money Owed Sade
    First Line: SADE: Hey, people owe me lots o' money. VIC: That so, Doctor Sleetch? SADE: Just about...
  295. Date: 44-09-06
    Title: Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes
    First Line: SADE: [reads] ... with winter just around the corner, and all. Well, Mate, I guess this...
  296. Date: 44-09-07
    Title: The Wedding Present
    First Line: FLETCHER: Got shot by a revolver outside of Dayton, Ohio, and never recognized his wife...
  297. Date: 44-09-08
    Title: Vic's Business Trip
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] Yes, every year she laughs and says how she's takin' on a couple more...
  298. Date: 44-09-11
    Title: Honeymoon Guide
    First Line: RUSSELL: [reads] Lady Margaret pinkened, digging the toe of one tiny satin slipper into...
  299. Date: 44-09-12
    Title: Fred's Car Repairs
    First Line: SADE: She made it sound like quite a jolly, gay little evenin'. It's an elegant warm day...
  300. Date: 44-09-13
    Title: A Letter from Aunt Bess - Ham Ham
    First Line: VIC: How's your cold? SADE: Dandy. I believe it was just a false alarm. I feel fine.
  301. Date: 44-09-14
    Title: Working on Hank Gutstop's Debts - Russell
    First Line: RUSSELL: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Clinton Stanley contemplated the oscillating head...
  302. Date: 44-09-15
    Title: The Wedding Ring
    First Line: VIC: [reading] Multiple coefficients of modern business procedure. Mr. O'Slooner also...
  303. Date: 44-09-18
    Title: Vic's Greeting Cards
    First Line: RUSSELL: You tough about somethin', Gov? VIC: I expect I'll live. Where's your mother?
  304. Date: 44-09-19
    Title: Vic to be Best Man
    First Line: VIC: What is all this? SADE: All what? VIC: Are you being inscrutable, mysterious and...
  305. Date: 44-09-20
    Title: Reverend V. Cook
    First Line: RUSSELL: [off] Say, can we use your telephone to call the fire department?
  306. Date: 44-09-21
    Title: Groom Arriving
    First Line: FLETCHER: Yes, I do look nice. This is about as nice as I've ever looked.
  307. Date: 44-09-22
    Title: Vic's Unheard News
    First Line: RUSSELL: [to phone] It's a recognized fact that inhabitants of Toledo, Ohio, got more...
  308. Date: 44-09-25
    Title: Saving Blue-tooth from Tragedy
    First Line: SADE: People ask for beef punkles, they'll be forced to take the consequences.
  309. Date: 44-09-26
    Title: A Box of Letters
    First Line: RUSSELL: By George, I ache in every muscle. SADE: You don't act very miserable.
  310. Date: 44-09-27
    Title: Groom Disappears
    First Line: RUSSELL: Hi out there. SADE: [off] Hi. RUSSELL: Where ya been? SADE: Backyard.
  311. Date: 44-09-28
    Title: A Dun From Kleebergers
    First Line: VIC: Here's a piece in the paper about some half-wit in Ohio that mailed a letter to his...
  312. Date: 44-09-29
    Title: Bright-eyed and Eager
    First Line: RUSSELL: By George, it's pleasant to be alive an' well an' busy. VIC: You sound precious...
  313. Date: 45-03-18
    Title: The Stillness of an Afternoon is Broken - Russell
    First Line: SADE: [to phone] I didn't take you away from anything, did I, lady?
  314. Date: 45-11-19
    Title: Unwanted Samaritan
    First Line: HARRIS: I was completely perplexed. I said: Mis' Donahue, aren't you even going upstairs...
  315. Date: 45-11-20
    Title: Korkells Borrow a Cup of Sugar
    First Line: RUSH: Blue-tooth Johnson made the miserable assertion this afternoon that he was...
  316. Date: 45-11-21
    Title: Jimmy Custard
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Clinton Stanley glanced briefly at Lady Margaret...
  317. Date: 45-11-23
    Title: Sleeping In The Courthouse Yard
    First Line: SADE: We know Mr. and Mrs. Donahue went to the movin' picture show last night because...
  318. Date: 45-11-26
    Title: Sweet Corn McBlock
    First Line: ORVILLE: Oh, I think I'm gonna get fired from this job. RUSH: Why, Orville?
  319. Date: 45-11-27
    Title: Parade of Interruptions
    First Line: SADE: [calls] Yes? Who is it? VIC: [off] It's Harry Des Moines, the handsomest man...
  320. Date: 45-11-29
    Title: Uncle Fletcher Arranges Phone Calls
    First Line: SPRAWL: I spent two summers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. VIC: I'm pretty fairly acquainted...
  321. Date: 45-11-30
    Title: Dwight Twentysixler's Scrapbook
    First Line: HARRIS: Mrs. Razorscum was saying the other day that a person gets over a sweet tooth.
  322. Date: 45-12-03
    Title: A Slow Dull Tiresome Evening
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Third-Lieutenant Clinton Stanley shoved the two smoking automatic pistols...
  323. Date: 45-12-04
    Title: Orville Wheeney Gets Fired
    First Line: FLETCHER: Sadie, I don't recall whether or not I complimented you on your delicious dinner.
  324. Date: 45-12-05
    Title: Mis' Harris And Dwight Are Engaged
    First Line: RUSH: Blue-tooth Johnson and Smelly Clark both told me, and they sounded like they knew...
  325. Date: 45-12-06
    Title: Rainy Day Fun
    First Line: RUSH: Mom, a person'd think I called these special teachers' meetings. SADE: This was one..
  326. Date: 45-12-07
    Title: Sacred Stars Convention
    First Line: HARRIS: I agree with you, Mrs. Gook. It's nobody's business what a grand person...
  327. Date: 46-06-27
    Title: The Piano Lesson
    First Line: VIC: Your chum, Beulah Woocher, gets her name in the paper. SADE: Really?
  328. Date: 46-07-04
    Title: Woman's auxiliary
    Preview First Line: SADE: ... your Lodge, and you love your blue suit with the pin stripes...
    Program First Line: RUSH: [reads] [...] whirled around and faced the leader of the counterfeiting...
  329. Date: 46-07-11
    Title: Vic the Irish Policeman
    First Line: FLETCHER: Martin Jordal left Rochelle, Illinois, in nineteen-aught-two...
  330. Date: 46-07-18
    Title: Midsummer Madness
    First Line: SADE: Gee, Ruthie, do you think that was wise? It's none of my business, of course...
  331. Date: 46-07-25
    Title: Moving to Peoria
    First Line: RUSH: Listen to this, Mom. SADE: Third-Lieutenant Stanley gives Lady Margaret...
  332. Date: 46-08-01
    Title: L Vogel Drum
    First Line: VIC: I've never met him but I've heard about him for many years, and he's supposed to be...
  333. Date: 46-08-08
    Title: The Honeymoon Couple
    First Line: RUSH: When I received your message, Mom, I was in a most unusual situation.
  334. Date: 46-08-22
    Title: Sade and Mis' Kesler Fight
    First Line: RUSH: [reads] Say 'uncle', thundered Third-Lieutenant Clinton Stanley...
  335. Date: 46-08-29
    Title: Pre-arranged Meals
    First Line: RUSH: That was a funny train of thought. VIC: What? RUSH: I just had a comical train of...
  336. Date: 46-09-19
    Title: Uncle Fletcher's Landlady is Farming Him out
    First Line: RUSH: I think of my brains as pretty much resembling a saucer of marshmallows.
  337. Date: 46-10-10
    Title: Mr. Z moves in
    First Line: Mr. Z: The name is Bunker Verlin Z. And that makes my initials: B.V.Z.
  338. Date: 46-10-26
    Title: August Invoices
    First Line: VIC: [to phone] Miss Hammersweet, I'm callin' because there's one other thing I forgot...
  339. Date: 1957
    Title: Lodge Catalogue
    First Line: SADE: They just can't leave you alone, can they. VIC: You allude no doubt to...
  340. Date: 1957
    Title: Ushering at the Bijou
    First Line: VIC: Sade, I very seldom go in the Ten-cent Store. I don't s'pose I've been...
  341. ============

  342. Date: 1995
    Title: Ordering Underwear By Mail
    First Line: SADE: Okay, Rush, here's your underwear. Hurry up and get into it. RUSH: Mom, how do...
  343. Date: 95-04-25
    Title: Rush Brings Home a Dog
    First Line: VIC: Doggone, I never seen an animal like this one. SADE: He's so... so stupid.

42-09-21 - Smelly Clark's Broken Watch (GI 71555)
42-09-28 - Princess Moon-on-the-river (GI 71554)
42-10-30 - Vic, Traveling Moderator (GI 71387)
42-12-29 - Stooger Drummed Out of Marching Team (GI 71557)