Part of the magic of Vic and Sade is that all of the action, all of the people and all of the places in the town were created strictly through the dialogue. Listeners heard just the voices of the three, later four, principal speaking characters, embellished with very few sound effects.

Speaking characters

Victor Rodney Gook was the chief accountant of the Consolidated Kitchenware Company Plant Number Fourteen. He was the Exalted Big Dipper of the Drowsy Venus Chapter of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way which was founded by R.J. Konk. Vic's passion was parades, alarm clocks and doorbells. He was often asked to submit articles to the Kitchenware Dealers Quarterly and the Lodge magazine.

Sade was a housewife who took pride in her housekeeping. Her interest outside the home was primarily focused on the Thimble Club where she and the thimble ladies would get together to sew and gossip. She was very pragmatic about things and had little sense of humor. Her world extended to a very small radius and she cared little for anything outside her tightly drawn circle.

Rush's (and later Russell's) favorite activities were playing baseball (and football) in Tatman's vacant lot, watching the fat men play handball down at the YMCA and taking in the Bijou moving picture show. Rush and Russell had the same friends, but they differed in character: Rush was the schemer who was always looking for ways to make a quick buck and had an angle on everything; doing homework, and especially algebra, was not high on his priority list. Russell enjoyed and did well in school despite the fact he was more the dreamer, the naive young romantic; he was always willing to lend a hand no matter how impractical his outlook was; it follows then that chores around the house were not something he excelled at.

Uncle Fletcher
Uncle Fletcher was a talker who had a story and advice about everything. If there was one activity, outside of telling stories, that he can be noted for, it would be riding on Gumpox's garbage wagon - and he even got a special pass to allow him to do so. He especially enjoyed discussing the interesting facts and statistics about such things as his watch fob collection, key collection, photos and snapshots, and his landlady's washrag collection. And he liked popping popcorn.

Non-speaking characters

Bess and Walter
Sade's sister and her husband. Walter ran a barbershop in Carberry, and Bess would send letters and postcards that always began "Dear sister and all..." Bess and Walter had a daughter named Euncie (Yooncie) who was learning to play the piano, the pieces invariable found her stomping on the loud pedal with both feet and dragging her fingernail down the white or black keys.

Fred and Ruthie Stembottom
... enjoyed playing Five Hundred with Vic and Sade. Ruthie would go with Sade to the washrag sales at Yamilton's Department Store. Fred would often attempt to extort hard manual labor out of Vic (pour concrete floors, tear down partitions, change tires on the car) on the pretext of inviting him over to play cards.

Sade's other friends
include, among others: Mis' Brighton, Mis' Trogel, and Mis' Appelrot.

Vic's work associates
Mr. Ruebush (his boss), Miss Hammersweet (his secretary), Gus Fuss (from Plant Number 17 in Dubuque) and Mr. Buller (in Chicago).

Vic's Lodge acquaintances
Hunky J. Sponger, and the members of the All-star marching team: Y.Y. Flirch, J.J.J.J. Stunbolt, Harry Fie, I. Edson Box, Homer U. McDancy, H.K. Fleeber, Robert and Slobert Hink, and O.X. Bellyman.

Rush's friends
Smelly Clark, Blue-tooth Johnson, Rooster Davis, Leland Richards, Vernon Peggles, Milton Welch, LeRoy Snow, Heinie Call, Willis Roreback and Russell Duncan (not to be confused with Russell Miller). Nicer Scott was his deadly enemy. Mildred Tisdel, Eunice Raypole and Anabel Hemstreet were the girls in the neighborhood.

Russell's friends
Russell had most of the same friends as Rush with the addition of Oyster Crecker. His enemy was Heinie Call, although their relationship never reached the same feverish pitch as Rush and Nicer.

Mis' Harris, Mr. and Mis' Donahue, Mr. and Mis' Razorscum, and Ike Kneesuffer (who played indoor horseshoes in his basement). There was also Mis' Call, Mis' Fisher and Grandpa Snyder.

Hank Gutstop (also in the Lodge), Stacey Yop, Alf Musherton, Pelter Unbleat, and B.B. Baugh. Mr. Gumpox was the garbage man. The Brick-mush man once got his head caught in a revolving door (at Yamilton's). Rishigan Fishigan from Sishigan Michigan was introduced to the show as part of Mr. Buller's christmas shopping list, but soon became a regular friend of both Vic and Uncle Fletcher.